Leviathan rising is a game of high action rebels, in a world that looks a lot like 17th century Europe. The players are the magic champions of the resistance, who are fighting for equality, fraternity and liberty. Opposing them are the Peerage, a band of corrupt nobles who seek to use their powers and dark sorcery to sink the world into a new dark age of servitude and misery.

Idealism: The characters of Leviathan rising are idealistic. They have sworn themselves to and been chosen as the champions of a rebellion in favour of its ideals. The characters will not all be on the same page all the time, but they are expected to at least keep most or all of the key ideals of the rebellion, to protect the weak, oppose slavery and fight to free humanity.

killing priest.png

High action:This is a game about taking action. The champions do not hope for their goals or debate their ideals, they take the fight to the Peerage. They can be seen rescuing people or killing the foes of the rebellion. They can be found rabble-rousing in hidden meetings, and whipping the crowd into a frenzy to demand their rights. As such, the game is built about the champions of the rebellion being able to make a difference through action.

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Outcast heroes:  The world of Leviathan rising is in a bad place, and the villains hold most of the cards. They are already at the top of the power structures. They are kings and dukes, luxuriating in their halls and palaces while planning to enslave mankind. The heroes are outcasts and fringe members of society. People who are far enough from the mainstream, who are far enough from society to avoid the effects of the rituals and propaganda upon them. This is a game suspicious of the powerful and outright disdainful of nobility.

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Dark but hopeful The world of Leviathan Rising is dark, but not grim. The heroes can change things for the better by their actions. While the good side is losing currently, the heroes and others like them represent a new chance for hope. The characters can make a change in the world, and the games you play will tell the story of how the characters made the world a better place or died trying.  The world is dark, to make the light from the player’s heroism brighter.