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My three hour session with new players at a convention yesterday.

I wanted to share what happened when I ran my game for some new players at a convention yesterday. This all happened with a party who had never played fate before and one player who had never played a rpg before at all (and was an intrigued trader)

The characters had heard that there were slavers acting in the Empire, which they would not stand for. So they went in and ambushed the column of enemies.

Calling down fire from the sky as a judgement of their sinful ways, cursing them to blindness and falling upon the forty-odd soldiers like raptors. Shots were fired, and bombs were thrown. Before long they were standing alone.

Having killed or driven off the slavers, they rescued the villagers, hearing that a local noble had come and captured their whole village and then enchanted them. The joy of victory was short-lived, however as they soon heard the howling of wolves. They soon realised that they were not merely natural beasts hunting them.

Realising that the peasants that they had rescued were in no shape to face the wolves, they made a run for the nearby farmstead. They left traps and distractions behind and moved their charges forward, inspiring them and leading them to safety. When they had reached a bridge, they stood, turning to face the foe. As the wolves reached the bridge, suddenly the bombs that they had fitted exploded, ruining the bridge and buying enough time for the villagers to get to safety.

Resting at a homestead, they found the people had been marked for ritual sacrifice. After some investigation, they realised that the local nobles were attempting a huge ritual at the local town.

The next day, they went to town. There they found the whole population in the centre of town, being preached to. The sermon told them that they were mere beasts who existed for the benefit of the nobles. Off to one side, a huge force of soldiers was looking for trouble. On the other side, a huge bonfire was next to a pile of all of the town's possessions.

Overseeing all of this was a noble on a dais, with ritual sacrifices being held before him, ready to be slaughtered.

The preacher of the party started arguing with the priest. Speaking with passion and fire of the importance of brotherhood and that all were equal before the gods, the crowd started to turn on the idea of the ritual being conducted.

The soldiers, realising trouble was afoot, began to prepare to kill the interlopers. Not deterred by this threat, some members of the party went amidst the bonfire and steeling themselves to the burns it would cause them they went amidst the flames and started to pull the fire apart.

Elsewhere, another member of the party was calling on his pact with shadows to steal the ritual items of the enemy, greatly lowering their ability to sacrifice victims.

Amidst the fire of the soldiers, they managed to break the enchantment on the sacrificial victims and convince the willing sacrifice to change his mind.

Before long, the party were able to rescue the potential sacrifices, smash the order of the soldiers and beat the noble overseeing the ritual to death.

Declaring this a victory, the party got out of town before the rest of the soldiers could catch them.

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